Pembroke Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Pembroke is part of a world-wide organisation made up of 1.2 million Rotarians in 34,000 clubs in 200 countries. Rotary is one of the world’s largest charitable organisations which can marshal its resources and more importantly, the abilities and commitment of its members, to support major international programmes.  For example: Rotary has contributed over a billion dollars to the ‘End Polio Now’ campaign which is eradicating the scourge of polio from this planet

However, every Rotary club is an autonomous, self-run group firmly rooted in its local community. The Rotary Club of Pembroke has 42 members, drawn from all walks of life, who share a commitment to our local community. We meet weekly at Lamphey Court to enjoy a good meal, good company, and to plan and manage the club’s activities.

Fundraising Events



Each year the club organises 3-4 events which typically raise ~£12,000 which is used to support local community groups and charities and the wider international community.   These events include amongst others:

CPO Concerts

The Club organises annual concerts at Folly Farm given by the Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra.  These concerts provide a great musical occasion, appreciated and enjoyed by an enthusiastic audience.  The 2017 concert will be supporting HOPE and Rotary charities

Medieval Barbeque

The Club puts on an annual family barbeque during the summer holiday season; popular with families returning from a day out on the beach.  It offers burgers, hotdogs and a cake stall – plus a bar! – with a lively programme of family entertainment.   Last year’s event raised over £2,000 for local charities.

Swing at the Castle

This year the club held a ‘Musical Extravaganza’ at Manorbier Castle featuring the RinTins – a leading ‘Gypsy Jazz’ band – plus supporting musicians.  It was a fantastic event, enjoyed by everyone which raised over £600 for local charities

These events raise funds for our charities but are also great fun to organise and host.

Helping our Community



The club uses its funds to support our local community and charities, but also supports Rotary international endeavours.

Community Raffle

Each year, the Club sponsors and organises a community raffle.  The Club donates the cash prize pool while local businesses generously donate other raffle prizes.

In 2015, Fourteen community groups participated in the raffle and together raised over £5,000 to support their activities.


In 2016, the Club will embark on a micro-finance initiative, whereby funds donated my members through “Des’s Jar” will be invested in individuals and small community groups who are creating micro-businesses in the developing world.   These micro-finance initiatives have an excellent track record; creating successful small businesses which make a big contribution – both economically and socially – to their local communities.


The Club supports the ‘Rotary Young Leaders’ course which develops confidence, social awareness and leadership skills in young people.  The course comprises outdoor activities, problem solving challenges and social activities which together make a challenging – but rewarding – week for the students.  The club selects ~5 students from Bush School who can most benefit from the course — and the results have been fantastic!

The Club also supports other Rotary youth initiatives, including Young Chef, Young Musician and Young Writer, which encourages some of the immense pool of talent which exists in our schools.