Club Events and Speaker Evenings

24th November.  Ian Westley CEO of Pembrokeshire County Council will be explaining where our council tax goes.

19th November.  Community Raffle draw will take place in St John’s Community Hall

27th  October.  Dick Beckett was a member of the Paris Concord crash investigation team and will be talking about the crash.

Past Events

March 2017  “A Night at the Movies”

An audience of 450 enjoyed an exciting night of movie classics including themes from Indiana Jones, Psycho, Harry Potter and many others.  This year’s event – which was not sponsored – raised well over £2,000 fort he HOPE Multiple Sclerosis Centre and Rotary charities

July  2016   “Medieval BBQ”

We had another excellent turnout at our medieval BBQ where ~600 people enjoyed tea, cakes and a barbie and a programme of family entertainment.  The event ~£1400 for Pembroke Cancer Support and Rotary charities

May 2016    “Musical Extravaganza”

Tiger Boy and the RinTins shook up Manorbier Castle with a lively musical extravaganza which had everyone dancing and partying away.  The event raised ~£600 for Hafal and Rotary Charities.  They are returning to the castle in 2017 by popular demand.

April 2016      “Vote Overture”

The CPO ‘Vote Overture’ concert is voted a stunning success by an audience of nearly 400 fans.  The programme of ten favourite overtures started with started with Shostakovich’s bright and cheerful Festive Overture ended with a bang with Tchaikovsky’s ever popular 1812 overture.  Thanks to Valero’s generous sponsorship, the concert raised over £5,000 for the Pembrokeshire Siblings Group and Rotary Charities.